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Tears 4 Animals


Literally just being in briefs and a shirt is the most comfortable thing ever


Water Nymphs, Henrietta Rae (1909)

In Bhubaneshwar, India, a 60 year-old-woman was beat, stripped naked, and tied to an electric pole after she was accused of killing an 18-year-old boy using witchcraft. Even though medical records show the boy died of malaria, villagers in Odisha state’s Mayurbhanj district left her tied up for around 12 hours. The woman was rescued and brought to a local hospital.
Despite there being a law against it, the practice of assaulting and killing women accused of being witches is common. “According to government statistics, there were 160 cases of murder linked to witch hunts in 2013, and 119 the previous year,” says Reuters author, Jatindra Dash. 
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Syrians walk by a destroyed building in the Bustan al-Qasr neighbourhood of Aleppo. The graffiti reads: ‘Our revolution will continue despite destruction.’ (/Ahmed Deeb/Al Jazeera )


Antichrist, 2009

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Everything is temporary.
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How much would you spend to vacation on the moon ?


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heart ache patterns

Across greeeyy oceans

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marcin cienski


Slowdive - Golden Hair (Live in Bacelona)


Mmm. Yes. I’m going to see Slowdive live. It’s a dream come true.

omfffgggg they played golden hair live fuck this is.. beyond words
im glad i told rachel this was my favorite song on twitter last year


literally dont like any bands on sunday

Is cool, I can go on Sunday for you x)

lol im tellin u, you & valerie should sneak in