Ex otic Anim al Par adis e

Tears 4 Animals



Metallic Falcons - Four Hearts

Injured bunny
Lost and snowy
Flakes are falling
Hero calling
Frozen apple
Ate too quickly
Poison flowing
Bloody river
Woolen mittens
Kitten shiver
Crystal airplane
Crashed and splintered

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Ridley Scott posters by Brian Taylor, aka Candykiller.

The Alien and Blade Runner posters are available at his Big Cartel store, with more Ridley Scott posters to come. 

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Fall of Satan and the Rebel Angels from Heaven



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sticks and stones may break my bones but words constitute my entire existence and my ability to meaningfully interact with the universe because we live in a textual reality in which everything is constructed and coded by language there is no escaping the symbolic dimensions of it there is nothing outside the text there is nothing outside the text there is nothing outside the text 

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I am the sea and nobody owns me.
by Pippi Longstocking (1997)

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Christopher Grant La Farge, Two Photographs

1)  Bay at Sunset, (1900)

2)  Wesguage Beach Inlet, (1900)

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Last year saw two major Snow White blockbusters come and go, and neither of them were good. I was obsessed with the badass-looking Snow White and the Huntsman until I actually saw it, and the reviews for Mirror Mirror were so bad that I didn’t even bother — despite the fact that the costumes were by Eiko Ishioka, one of the most talented designers in cinema history. Blancanieves, however, is perfect.

Snow White’s mother dies in childbirth, leaving her father, a paralysed former bullfighter, alone with a predatory nurse — the Evil Stepmother. But rather than growing up to be a flamenco dancer like her mother and grandmother, Snow White becomes a bullfighter. A bullfighter. — Why you need to watch Spanish Snow White movie Blancanieves.

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Edward Emerson Barnard, Comet “Brooks”, (1893)
This image from the photographic archive of the Swiss Federal Observatory was recorded at the Lick Observatory in California on October 21, 1893.


i found a bootleg of unreleased slowdive demos and it had this song and now i’m crying

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Cocorosie - Happy Eyez

versione unplugged durante un blackout a milano

Especially beautiful